How to buy?

Browse the catalog HERE or go to to the Grugni collection page on APENFT. After you’ve chosen your favorite Grugni you have two options to buy it: “Make offer” or “Buy now“.

If you make an offer you are participating to the auction, that will assign the digital NFT of the Grugni to the highest bidder. You can bid multiple times. After winning the auction, you can claim the real artwork (a shipping and handling fee will apply).

On the other hand, with the “Buy now” option, you will immediately receive the digital NFT and also be entitled to receive your “Real NFT” Grugni sticker, the tangible artwork made by Barzulfo with his own hands! We’ll deliver it worldwide at no cost.

To claim the real item you can write to or contact the team directly on our social channels after having received the digital NFT. The availability of the original item is guaranteed for all items purchased directly on APENFT marketplace with seller Barzulfo. Secondary market purchases will NOT guarantee the possibility to claim the real item.