What is a “Real NFT” ?

The “Real NFT Project” believes that some characteristics of an art piece are fundamentally connected to the item itself, being something you can touch, feel and view with your own eyes. Appreciate the little imperfections that make it really unique, not because it’s randomly generated by a computer, but because it hand-made by an artist with his own hands.

Real NFT will be the link between digital art and hand-crafted tangible art-pieces. It will be possible to purchase the digital version of the item, the NFT, but the owner of the NFT will be able to claim also the real piece of art. We’ll ship it to the owner.

The Team

Is the same of the “USTX Project”.
As USTX, which wants to be a “real Token for real life”, the “Real NFT Project” aimed at bringing a little more reality into the NFT world.

Our team shares the romantic idea that NFT can still be considered art, with the added value that being digital more people can share it.